“Don’t think of it as pain. Think of it as an interesting sensation that requires all of your attention”

Ina May Gaskin – Midwife and author



“I saw Jamie for hypnotherapy to prepare for both of my pregnancies. my firs babe came early after my waters broke at 34 weeks. I used hypnosis to manage the pain of contractions, and the stress of the whole experience. Although I managed to stay calm throughout the labour and did not require any pain relief, I ended up with a retained placenta and massive postpartum hemorrhage. I preparation for my second birth with Jamie, I had more goals than pain management! I wanted to re-establish the trust I had in my body, let go of the worries I had about having another premature baby, and ease the fears I held surrounding the third stage of labour. I saw Jamie for 3 hypnosis sessions and 2 acuneedling sessions, and listened to her hypnosis recordings a couple of times a week before birth. Through hypnotherapy, Jamie helped me reconnect with my confidence and feel excited about the birth. The acuneedling helped me feel so relaxed and connected to babe and to honour my body postpartum. Even more than her incredible skills in hypnotherapy and trance work, Jamie is warm, engaging, reassuring and an empowering midwife and person. She had a beautiful way of guiding and supporting me to build my confidence in my body every step of the way. At 39 weeks gestation, I birthed my 4.3kg baby on all fours in the most beautiful and primal 4 hour labour. As the labour intensified, I remember Jamie’s words ‘float down’ at the start of each contraction, helping me get into a state where the contraction was much easier to manage. For pain management, I used only breath and sound and a TENS machine and birthed my ‘big’ baby with absolutely no tearing… and the placenta came out within 15 minutes. Thank you Jamie, for helping me feel confident and excited about this labour. I absolutely loved my birthing experience and it was by far the most empowering experience of my life.”


“I worked with Jamie from BUMP&MIND during both of my pregnancies. The first time around I was feeling very anxious about labour, as many women do, but wanted to aim for a natural, intervention-free birth. My daughter ended up being born premature but I was able to stay calm and reconnect with a sense of being in control throughout my labour, despite the stressful situation. I used the self-hypnosis skills that Jamie taught me and was able to labour and birth without any pain management and with minimal intervention. I was thrilled! For my second pregnancy we worked on my fear of having another premature baby. I ended up going to 41 weeks this time and had a wonderful and quick water birth, which I absolutely loved! I never thought I would ever feel that way about labouring and birth! Again, all I used was some breathing techniques whilst remaining in a hypnotic state. I felt calm and had a sense of observing myself moving through each stage of labour. Any moments of panic that I had I was able to overcome with self-hypnosis. I cannot recommend Jamie and BUMP&MIND enough if you’re looking to prepare for birth! If you have any anxiety or worries for your pregnancy or labour, hypnosis is a really effective way to move past these and empower you with the ability to re-centre yourself no matter what happens on the day. Jamie is a very warm and knowledgeable practitioner, and she will go above and beyond to put you at ease and equip you for a positive birth experience. As a bonus, I have used the hypnotic induction techniques to help me quickly get back to sleep after all those overnight newborn feeds. I can’t thank you enough, Jamie! ”


“Our little boy was born naturally on the 4th July. The hypnotherapy techniques were perfect and I used them throughout the entire labour. I had the best labour experience and ended up only using gas. Exactly what I wanted. Thank you for your help.”


“Jamie’s hypo was fantastic. As a midwife, I have seen the benefits of hypnotherapy and decided it was something I wanted to participate in for my pregnancy. Jamie is so accommodating and it was so relaxing to take an hour out of my busy week just to focus on myself and my baby. During my last session, my husband joined in and it was great way to associate how he could help me during my labour and birth. When the day came, I had a long latent phase of labour and the hypo helped me relax and get through those long on/off hours of labour. I was able to stay home until I was 9cm dilated and although those contractions I had on the way to the hospital were horrible, I felt calm and in control. When the time came to finally start pushing, focusing on all the things Jamie had said really helped. Picturing meeting my baby and envisioning him on my chest gave me the last surge of energy I needed to bring my baby into the world. Thank you Jamie for helping me put my anxieties aside and have the lovely birth I always dreamed of.”


“Prior to seeing Jamie I felt anxious about my impending labour. I had to be induced because of the size of my baby. My hypnosis experience was calming and extremely positive. The techniques I acquired were fundamental throughout my labour and birth of my beautiful daughter. I had a positive mindset, I felt strong and in complete control. Something I did not think I was capable of the second time round.”


“Jamie made me feel totally at ease during our hypnotherapy sessions. I was able to tune out to the world and really get into a hypnotic state. I feel confident that I will be able to use the skills she taught me during my labour. Jamie is both professional and caring and I would highly recommend her to anyone wanting to learn hypnotherapy for childbirth.”


“Thanks Jamie! My hypnotherapy sessions for my all day morning sickness were beautiful and relaxing and everything I could possibly ask for. Jamie’s warm and friendly manner made it easy for me to feel comfortable and relax straight away and I left feeling peaceful and rejuvenated and the sessions eased my anxiety surrounding my nausea. I’m looking forward to the hypnotherapy sessions for birthing!”


“I couldn’t recommend Jamie’s service to you more highly! If you’re pregnant or not, do yourself a favour and see Jamie!!! It’s a great thing to do by yourself or as a couple. It’s like a guided meditation, that irrespective of your experience level, Jamie will gently guide you through one of the most relaxing experiences ever! Regardless of if this is your first pregnancy or your last, Jamie’s hypnosis will give you a much needed break to catch your breath, take stock, re-energise and mentally prepare for your new little person. Jamie’s hypnosis is fabulous at relaxing you. So much so that my partner fell asleep twice! I have no doubt the skills Jamie taught me thoroughly helped me both prior to and during my labour. A fabulous gift for someone who has everything, or someone who needs a break from a busy work schedule or crazy household. I can’t thank Jamie enough for her excellent service!”